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HHF works with FLYi Fest in Miami!

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) worked with the Florida League of Young Immigrants (FLYi) to host Flyi Fest this past Saturday, March 11th at Miami Dade College!

Flyi Fest seeks to transition new immigrants into the local community and provide them with the resources they need to succeed. Through music, arts, and creativity different organizations were present to showcase what resources are available throughout the country. Valentia Rico, a young Columbian Singer-Songwriter performed at FLYi Fest.

Many immigrants simply need guidance and help finding resources that apply to their specific needs, and once they are provided with these resources they can fully immerse themselves in their respective field and interests. Networking and communicating ideas with other individuals from similar backgrounds is extremely important and only makes their transition into their new home that much easier.

HHF was honored to be present at FLYi Fest and support 2016 National Youth Awardee, Debora Gonzales, Founder and Manager of FLYi Fest. FLYi Fest is also accompanied by a peer mentoring program, with the mission of establishing a link between newly arrived immigrant and local organizations of aid to provide inspiration and concrete connections as they transition into their new home.

Cynthia Pleitez, Marketing and Communications Strategist said, “It was great to honor Debora Gonzalez at the National Youth Awards in Miami, but in this case I was proud to see Debora put on an event. It’s important for us to support our youth in their community unification efforts and see the cycle of leadership come to fruition.”

Helping the community is needed now more than ever, and HHF is honored to work with passionate Latino leaders!

To learn more about our National Youth Awardee Debora Gonzalez go


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