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LOFT STEM Symposium at Austin, Texas!

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) hosted the LOFT STEM Symposium in Austin, Texas this week at the University of Texas at Austin!

The LOFT Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Leadership Symposium is a free leadership and workforce development program sponsored by the U.S. Army that provides career-path guidance, educational opportunities, and connectivity for juniors and seniors in high school, and young professionals in the STEM fields.

There are 3 million vacant jobs in the STEM-related Fields, and it is estimated that by 2018 there will be an expected deficit of 2.4 million unfilled job vacancies in most influential STEM occupancies.

Students who attended the LOFT STEM Symposium in Austin had the opportunity to network with other students from different high schools, talk to professionals in the field of their interest, and participate in interactive activities and workshops with the Army.

Panelists at this LOFT STEM Leadership Symposium included Mireya Almarez, a second year Biochemistry major, Venus Pineyro de Hoyos, Sr. Manager of Business Intelligence and Analytics at General Motors’ Austin Innovation Center, Angela de Hoyos Hart, lead at Austin’s Chapter of GM’s Hispanic Initiative team, Rosa Carrasco, professor at Austin Community College, Dr. Alberto Quinonez, professor and Department Chair of Electronics and Advanced Technologies at Austin Community College District, Adrian Rosas, Principal at Tre & Associates, and Lieutenant Colonel David Zinnante, Department Chair and Professor of Military Science at the University of Texas at Austin.

These panelists all have years of experience in their respective fields, and all have overcome their own unique obstacles, but most importantly these Latino leaders understand that true leadership is accomplished by working hard, and asking for help when needed.

HHF was also honored to have Mark Madrid, President and CEO of the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce open Parent Community Night with a few remarks about his personal journey and scholarship opportunities that are available in Austin!

Distinguished Captain Tazh Brown of the U.S. Army led the workshop training, because HHF’ s efforts go beyond just training Latino leaders in the classrooms, but also making sure that students are leading in their communities and in their future careers!

Parent Community Night followed our LOFT STEM Symposium, where parents engaged with members of HHF and the U.S. Army, and learned about grants and other resources that students can take advantage of when applying to college.

By joining our LOFT Network online community, students can connect with other students across the country, and have access to resources including educational grants, year-long LOFT Innovation Workforce Development programs, and other work-based learning opportunities.

Check out some of our other programs like our Youth Awards, Code as a Second Language (CSL), and our ESA LOFT Video Game Innovation Fellowship.

To learn more about HHF’s LOFT STEM Symposia go here!


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